HP SureStore 6020es and easy-CD 95 running on Windows NT 4.0, error code: Recordable CD error. (Code 208-00-81-00)

This is a very strange problem to Windows NT administrators. Neither Adaptec nor HP are able to provide a less expensive solution but there is one:

  1. Installation of EZ-SCSI 4.0
  2. Update to EZ-SCSI 4.01 ftp://ftp.adaptec.com/pub/BBS/dos/ez40up.exe
  3. Upgrade of the Aspi-Win32-Layer ftp://ftp.adaptec.com/pub/BBS/winnt/aspi32.exe. Please check if WNASPI32.DLL is copied in the following directory \%SystemRoot%\system32\wnaspi32.dll
  4. Update Easy-CD Pro (this is the main trick. It works of course with the "non Pro"-version) ftp://ftp.adaptec.com/pub/BBS/easycd/ezcddrv.exe. Only the XCD32.DLL must be copied to the directory where EZ-SCSI is installed
  5. Now the SureStore is ready for burning CDs

Because there is a long time gone since I've wrote this short manual (Tu, 6th October 1998) it may be that the links are outdated. If there are current links to the stuff above, please send me the URLs.

You can download this page as pdf file [73 kB].

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